With procrastination behind us, we were eager to check off another activity for our COVID-19 ABC Life. Q is never a letter that offers an abundant array of choices, but it does come with Questions! Our thought was to ask some deep questions to a small group of friends and spend an hour or so delving into them. Barbara, who was reading “What My Mother and I Don’t’ Talk About:  Fifteen Writers Break the Silence” by Michelle Filgate, realized that this book was a great segue into a Q and A session on mothers and daughters.

Here are a few of the Questions we discussed:

*Are there questions you wish you had asked your mother or subjects you still can’t approach with her?

*Is there a way in which your mom failed you? And how may we have failed our children?

*Do we show all our sides to our children or is the aspect of hiding things from your children something from the 50s?

*As parents, are we always to blame for anything bad that happens to our children or for their undesirable traits?

What would you have discussed about mother/daughter relationships?

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