2 points – Activity

In today’s day and age there really shouldn’t be anybody who is unaware of racial injustice. The film Just Mercy deals with the injustice of false imprisonment on death row and the systemic racism of the American penal system. It is a tightly scripted and well performed film and it’s a good reminder that we should take notice of the people who stand up and not just stand by when a wrong is committed and that, like the slogan says, if you see something, say something.

A group of our friends saw the picture together and later discussed it. What was interesting is that each of us had a different interpretation of what the title meant. If you see the movie think about the title and what it means to you.

2 points – Activity

Since childhood we have always had a fascination with magic and its first cousin Illusion. So we were very happy to learn of the existence of the Museum of Illusions in Dallas. Although small it has more than 60 exhibits, for some of which we had no explanation. For example, from the picture below it appears that the dangling piece would not be an exact fit for both figures yet it was.

You can go through the whole museum in a half hour- a little bit of fun for the young at heart.



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