G Whiz

We started our G month with enthusiasm but our choices greeted us with disappointment.

2 points – Activity: GALLERY reGRETS

We went to see Speechless: different by design at the Dallas Museum of Art. This new exhibit aims to bring together various ways we connect with the world through multisensory and interactive experiences. Its goal is to provide new perspectives on how we can communicate. While we both enjoy abstract art, this exhibit did not capture our hearts or heads for that matter. There needed to be more explanation for the visitor and although there was a room that attempted to do this each of the six artists’ thoughts, it was disjointed and hard to piece together. It would have been more meaningful and instructive to have each design’s story and intent in the room where it was showcased. If the goal of “speechless” was to let each person come to his or her own conclusion, it still left a lot to be desired.  But that is only our opinion. The beautiful thing about art is that everyone’s interpretation is unique and personal.


One of the local supermarkets advertised a free entertaining expo with samples of extraordinary holiday finds. We were intrigued and headed out but were sadly turned off. There were just a few samples and they were nothing out of the ordinary. Plus, this market always has samples so it was no different than normal and their advertising made it seem as if it would be.


We learned that there was a gaming group meetup at Doc’s Comics and Games and thought we’d get a peek into the world of video gamers. It turned out to be board games which we would have enjoyed even more as we have always loved playing them. However all the board games were like a video game on a board – all fantasy and role playing. I guess the game world has passed us by. But we’re glad that the younger generation is actually meeting their “playmates” in person rather than in cyberspace.


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2 Responses to G Whiz

  1. Ellen Cherin says:

    Let’s hope the next installment of G is better. You so seldom have negative experiences…

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