Plain-O FUN In Plano

2 points – Activity

Time for Festival #2 – The Plano International Festival. On our walk from the car to the festival ground we found the 1418 coffee shop. We were neither thirsty nor hungry but, hey, it’s F month so in we went. The shop had the usual couches and computer counters. Cappuccino – great; muffin too cakey.

On to the festival. Unlike the Peanut Festival in Aubrey this one showcased what it advertised – international foods and products. Tents from various countries (the diversity was impressive) were set up and international music was playing from the main stage. Although we didn’t make a purchase, it was nice walking around and watching the children exploring the goodies.


For lunch we selected another spot that fit the bill –  Fillmore Pub. Barbara was drawn to the chalk board highlighting Guiness and Smithwicks as she developed a taste for them while visiting Ireland. Verdict: the beer was great, food not so much but we weren’t expecting high dining from a pub. All told a fun day that we wouldn’t have experienced had it not been for the ABC Life.

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