2 points –  Activity – CHRISTIAN Dior COUTURE COLLECTION

You couldn’t grow up in the 20th Century without having heard of Christian Dior – the ultimate symbol of Parisian haute couture. Although we are not high fashion minded, we were interested in seeing his collection first hand. Our impressions:

  • The collection was beautifully displayed. Our first step into the area was very striking.
  • We were surprised to learn that Dior only designed from 1947-1957, the year of his unexpected death, and that the baton was then passed to Yves St. Laurent who had been his assistant. Subsequently the “Dior” collection was run by various other designers, which explains the difference in looks over the years.
  • Dior was one of the first to offer coordinating shoes, hats, makeup and jewelry.
  • We saw several dresses we would love to own. Barbara has a birthday coming up in November, hint hint!
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