Now that our children are grown, we sometimes just have to go back to being kids ourselves. That’s why we decided to revisit the Scarborough Renaissance Faire in Waxahachie. This was a perfect weekend to do it as they were having special ARTISAN booths.

A highlight for us was a reaffirmation of the goodness in people. As we were waiting on the long line to buy tickets an ALTRUISTIC woman came up to us and said she works for the Faire and had complimentary tickets for her family and offered us two. Nothing expected in return. That was a $56 savings for us!

It was amazing to us how many people got into full costume to attend this event. It was sometimes hard to tell apart the attendees from the performers.

Our first path was to visit the artisan booths and see what crafts harkened back to the Renaissance days. Our favorite “shop” belonged to a woman who hand-made purses. We could have bought the whole store, they were so adorable. Something about them just spoke to us. Laura bought one with a whimsical dragon and Barbara bought one with a fairy girl. The owner of the shop was very friendly and we wish her goods were sold nearer to us because we would definitely revisit. Good thing we saved that $56!

We also saw a show called Harmless the Juggler Show. We buried our innate New York cynicism and just let the kid come out and wound up really enjoying this show. The juggler was quite funny without being too corny.

The only disappointment was in the food. We thought we’d get down and dirty with a big turkey leg but unfortunately ordered fish and chips which weren’t very good and by that time we were too full for the turkey. We didn’t stay too many hours; just enough to get the memories back, but it was an experience worth doing. And, of course, we wouldn’t have had it if not for the ABC Life!

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