Sorry, but this OLDIE ain’t a goody to me

2 points for trying OJEDA’s Mexican Restaurant, a neighborhood fixture that has been around forever.. I have passed this place hundreds of times and knew I had to try it this month. Had a cheese quesadilla, which was tasty but not a good value. For $9, it was four small pieces (small!) and came with your choice of sour cream or guacamole, not both as is more typical of other places. So, I can check off another O experience and chuck it as a keeper.

2 points for OIL and Vinegar shop. Barbara already explained what it’s all about in the comment section below and it’s highly recommended. But the most fun was tasting the various flavors. Living the abc life, I had this shop on my list, just waiting for my O month to try it and I’m glad I made a point to try it.

0 points for Octopus. Sorry, just can’t try it.

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