Hunting for hidden treasure

Barbara read about an interesting “store” called Fringe in McKinney. Open only once a month, it contains little treasures that apparently several women find, rescue and restore, if needed. So off we went and lucky Barbara scored a couple of eye-catching additions for her abode. Across the street was the House of Hargrove  (2 points), an unexpected thrill since it fit into the H month and was totally unplanned. It was actually an outdoor “junk” market. Found a charming metal, three-foot Knight destined for the garden. And as my friend Pat says, “every girl deserves a knight in shining armor.” Mine’s a bit weather beaten, but perfect anyway. Kurt put a peanut in its mouth this morning and when we went out for our walk, it was gone. Was it a blue bird or a squirrel? The knight will never tell.

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  1. B Katz says:

    Yes, Happy days were had by all as we shopped in McKinney. I found some great old books for my library at House of Hargrove, including a 1950’s Handyman book – a tribute to my “handy” man for building my bookcases. Another H month thing – I read the Girl’s Guide to HUNTING and Fishing. Luckily it was not about either of those two activities but was a very nice, quick read with lots of witty dialogue. And to round out my H month I’m planning a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Napa at the end of the month. Can’t wait for that one.

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