Farwell to F

I’ve fallen behind in reporting my abc life but not in living it. A flurry of FREELANCE work has kept me busy but I’ve still been having fun with F.

2 points for a Vintage FASHION Show earlier in the month. Not every day you get to see the styles from the 1860s in living color. Interesting to see what some of the great literary heroines were wearing back in the day.

2 points for a visit to FOSSIL RIM Wildlife Center, where we drove along a 9-mile road through 1,400 acres of hills, pastures and forests. Endangered species walked up to our cars and said hello. Or stared, as in the case of the awesome Aoudads – wild African sheep who looked into my eyes so intently that I now  count them to fall asleep; their reach-into-your-soul intensity actually puts me out. Scary horizontal pupils surrounded by brilliant yellow irises…haunting. But the giraffes, zebras, bison, cheetahs and rhinos were just as memorable. A great trip!

2 points for the addition of a new FAMILY. Spent a weekend in California with my daughter’s soon-to-be husband’s family. Got to know them better and shared in their bridal shower festivities for Kate. Wonderful people; so gratifying to know she’s got a lovely additional family to complement her life.  A special bonus for the weekend: a fabulous serenade of Beatles songs from my son Matt and his guitar.

Well, it’s the end of the month. Farewell to F. It’s been FUN.

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3 Responses to Farwell to F

  1. B Katz says:

    I think you deserve 3 points for Family

  2. Barbara K says:

    Boy G has come and nearly gone and what do we have to show for it? The only thing I can remember doing is eating at Grimaldis which is new for me so I do get points. Once OTC is over I can concentrate on my H’s. Sorry G month, you’ve been Glossed over

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