Just DO It

No New Year’s Resolutions for me. From now on, it’s my DO IT list. (Doesn’t that even sound more motivating?)

Laura’s 2011 DO IT’s:
1. Lose 20 pounds and embrace a nutritious and fit lifestyle. (Boring and predictible but this year I will DO IT.)
2. Spend more time on things important to me and my family than on needless distractions or unwarranted obligations. Huh? Expressed more clearly: Make better choices where I spend my time.
3. Get better organized. (I’m way too random.)

What are your DO IT’s? Please share.

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8 Responses to Just DO It

  1. B Katz says:

    So the pressure’s on to actually DO what you previously only dared to resolve? That goes against my sloth gene but I’ll try it:
    1. This will probably be everyone’s number 1 – lose those pounds (4) that I put on after losing weight. I DON’T want to have to drag out my larger sizes after I finally put them in boxes
    2. Make an effort to plan things to do with friends that I generally only see because we’re meeting for a purpose; I’ve known some of my friends for years but we never go out on the weekends and I want to change that. That goes contrary to my not-outgoing gene so I’m really straining against my genes (and jeans…those 4 lbs after all) here.
    3. Get a little more organized in my personal life. I’m an organized fool at work but my home office looks like a tornado hit it.

    So that’s my DO IT list for 2011.

    • abclauralife says:

      I’ll support you for those 4 pounds if you do the same for me x 5.

    • J Mann says:

      Ok, its DO it time. Time to start the do’s you didn’t do last year:

      So don’t hate me girls, but one of my Do’s this year is to keep on the extra 5 pounds I have gained. Yes, I know, but I was too thin and it wasn’t good on me. However, keeping those extra 5 pounds firmed up, thats the hard part.

      This year Im going to try not to worry so much about things I can’t control. Being a Type A control freak, well, this is gonna take some work, but Im up for the task. If mama is happy, then everyone else will be too.

      One more thing I really want to DO this year is spend more time writing on my friend’s Laura’s wonderful blog.

      DO it 2011

  2. Barbara K says:

    I started my D’s this past week. Of course, now that December is through I went to Clooudcroft! But no worries…they had a Big DADDY’s Diner. We went for breakfast but they were closed; still counting it as half a D though. This coming weekend will be better. Going to Dublin and the Dr. Pepper Museum with my Delightful sis.

  3. MattK says:

    Don’t “delay”, decide on debuting another D article, I’m un-doubtedly getting depressed and depraved that I haven’t discovered a new post in a deca-day! Love you, Mowma. 🙂

  4. Depraved David says:

    I’m looking forward to next month. Won’t you be doing E’s in Ebruary?

    My name is a riff on Matt’s choice adjective.

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