Sometimes we enjoy heading back to a place we’ve previously discovered on our ABC Life journey. So last weekend we revisited the Coppell Flea Market. We were happy to find out that it was still a good one but the real “treasure” was across the street at a store called TATTERED STYLE.  We met one half of the lovely couple running this store, filled with unusual hand-crafted items. It’s actually two stores: one with the new and some vintage items and the other with antiques. The antiques side had “not so perfect” on their window.

Was Laura feeling “not so perfect” that morning?

What had caught our eye and drew us to the store, were the two 50s style gas pumps. The owner told us that they never were real gas pumps but the store had initially been a Farmers Life Insurance office and they wanted to give it that “nostalgic” appearance. Barbara found a beautiful bowl at the first shop. At first glance we thought it was lightweight like some of the wooden bowls we have seen but it actually was carved from stone and is quite heavy.

On the way home we stopped at another farmer’s market we had been to, this one in Richardson. We were a bit hungry since we started out early, so we noticed a restaurant in the shopping center called TACOS Y MAS. Since its tag line is “Home of Street Tacos” we needed to know what makes a taco a street taco. Street tacos are smaller than the other tacos and usually double stacked to hold the toppings in place. They are almost always open faced and consumed in a few bites (whoever wrote that has a bigger mouth than we do!) They were considered a working man’s lunch. These were yummy and we definitely will return to this particular treasure.

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  1. Pam Widom says:

    Well aren’t you two the cutest ever….sounds like a wonderful adventure. Can’t wait to hear about the next one.

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